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Who we are

We are a veteran owned company that specializes in Leadership, Strategy Execution and Talent.  Our Veterans Workforce’s mission is to get highly-skilled veterans and service members leaving active duty into the right positions with our exclusive group of clients. Our clients work in energy, construction, chemicals, manufacturing, security, logistics, safety and healthcare industries – all industries facing a shortage of qualified, skilled talent.

As fellow veterans, we know what it’s like to transition from the military to the civilian world and we want you to be successful in your new career. We work to match your skills with the career opportunities at our client’s companies, coach you in interviewing skills, and help you translate your skills and training into your new career. We are your advocate to the companies we serve.

Our approach

Get the right veteran into the right job in the right organization:    We focus a great deal on fit; both skill based and cultural.  We commit to both the veteran and our client that they start with a good fit, and will improve from there.

Stay with the veterans after they are hired:  One of the benefits of not running a recruiting agency is that we have the freedom to follow up with the veterans in their new roles and guide our client companies.  Specifically, we advise our companies on the best way to retain veterans  following a five-step approach.

  • Get the right fit – skills-wise and culturally.
  • Build veteran targeted onboarding and sponsorship programs.
  • Establish in-house veteran to veteran coaching and mentorship.
  • Build veteran affinity groups and networks to provide vet support.
  • Train the first line managers of veterans how to effectively lead in order to create a positive work environment.

What this means for the veterans we place into position, is that their new organization is veteran-ready.

Partner with veteran service organizations:  We are unlikely to be able to get transitioning veterans all of the support they need as they reintegrate into the civilian world.  To that end, we connect and partner with Veteran Service Organizations who are better geared up for this type of support.

In short – we absolutely do not compete with VSOs.  We complement their mission by providing a ready conduit to vacant jobs with ‘veteran-ready’ companies, and prepare those companies to be the right place for veterans to work.

Work with transition points as they execute their mandate:  Part of why we started this part of our business was that it provides a valuable service to our client companies (one which they typically don’t have the internal capacity or bandwidth to execute).

However, the reason we have such passion for it is that it allows us to assist veterans that are not typically paid of lot of attention to.  As senior NCOs and junior military officers (JMOs) normally are the most heavily recruited, it seems that the junior enlisted and NCOs don’t get near the attention they should.

This is ironic, as the highest labor shortage we are seeing in the industries we support can directly come from these ranks.

Industries and jobs

Energy & Manufacturing:  Oilfield Services, Manufacturing, Construction, Chemicals, Pipeline, Utilities


Logistics: Transportation, Modern Materials Handling, Maintenance, Warehouse Operations


Healthcare: Patient care, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices Manufacturing


Security:  Physical, Cyber, Information, Executive






Veteran resources

Our Veteran Workforce approach is designed to fill the growing shortages of highly-skilled talent within the energy, construction, chemicals, manufacturing, security, logistics, safety and healthcare industries.

As a service member or veteran, you already have many of the skills needed for these career opportunities, but there is always more to learn. Use these resources to find out more about the industries, additional education/training needed or prepare for your transition to civilian careers.

We will build these pages based on your input as well – what links would be useful for you to have here?  Just drop us a comment on our contact us page.

General Veteran Resources

General Industry information

Careers & Employment Information

Training and Certifications

Military Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL)



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